11 June, 2019

Creating the Number One Russian Magazine – Alexander Papacosta | #DQMEDIASHOW EP. 3

About the guest

Alexander Papacosta is the CEO and cofounder of Moi Ostrov Ltd which manages Moi Ostrov Magazine and Moi Ostrov Studio. Alexander oversees all production from fashion editorials, advertising bookings and design to printing and circulation.

Moi Ostrov Magazine is the number one Russian magazine in Cyprus, with over 100,000 monthly readers across their digital and print versions.

Moi Ostrov Studio a fast-growing production service company in Cyprus for photo and film production. With over 200 productions, they have the experience, knowledge and equipment to produce your campaign, editorial or TVC, and assist international production companies with their location needs in Cyprus.

Key discussion points

1. Invest in talent

Alexander attributes a lot of his success to having a great team around him. You need to constantly invest in talented people, even if that means you need to hire people from abroad. Talented people are hard to find, so give them all the necessary tools and resources they need to be successful in their job.

2. Do something different

Find something unique to work on. Even if it’s a job or a new business idea, do something different that will make you stand out. Everybody is trying to copy someone else, but taking a unique approach Is the best chance that you might actually build something valuable and get noticed.

3. Have a contingency plan

Something always goes wrong, so have contingency plans in place that will make sure that everything runs smoothly. Especially when you’re dealing with creative people, it can be hard to manage them in a structured way, so you will need several options to make sure they turn up on time and get the job done.


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Learn more about Alexander at moiostrov.com