10 June, 2019

What it Takes to Build a Successful Startup – Panis Pieri | #DQMEDIASHOW EP 1

About the guest

Panis Pieri is the CEO of RiseTech Media. He is also the founder of DisruptCyprus.com and DisruptEurope.eu, which focus on presenting startup stories in Cyprus and across Europe, and collectively boast 20,000+ organic social media followers globally.

He has 15+ years multidisciplinary hands-on experience in growth marketing, digital marketing, startups, innovation and technology, and has been actively involved in 100+ local and international digital marketing projects in a variety of sectors including forex, investment, digital media, real estate, sports and employment.

As a growth marketeer, Panis gained experience working for various local and international startups like FindEmployment.com, goSmartShopOnline and 24sports.com.cy and, as a digital marketing manager, in large international organisations like Lanitis Development, DeltaQuest, Saxo Bank, Windsor Brokers, and Forex Time.

During his career, he has successfully managed million-dollar digital marketing campaigns through major search engines like Google, Yandex and Baidu as well as various social media platforms.

Key discussion points

1. How to develop a growth mindset

A growth mindset is your ability to believe that you can grow and become better as opposed to a ‘fixed mindset’, which assumes that our character, intelligence, and creative ability are static.

Panis explains in detail how someone can develop a growth mindset, though the key takeaway is to constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone and to seek to challenge yourself with new goals and targets. This changes your viewpoint to see a new challenge as an opportunity to grow and better yourself.

2. How to build a successful startup

Panis has worked with numerous startups over the years, and his main observation on why most startups fail is due to having an unexperienced team. He later describes that if you want to succeed, your main job is to hire people that are naturally good at things that you yourself are weak at. For example, if you are a startup founder, you have to set your ego aside and hire people who are better than you. As the saying goes: ‘If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room’.

3. The future of marketing

Video content is the future of marketing. We already see that the demand for video is growing very year, and once 5G technology becomes readily available, you will be able to consume HD content anywhere and everywhere. So, if you want to stay competitive as a business in 2019 (and beyond), you will need to start implementing videos as part of your marketing strategy.


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Learn more about Panis at panispieri.com