An open community and user-centric blogging platform.

Open Website


The objective for OnTopOf was to create a community-based website that would allow for guest publishing and also create clear separation with their own in-house content. We had to plan, design and develop an entirely content-based platform that would be of viral nature.


  • Web Development
  • Corporate Identity
  • Logo Design



As OnTopOf was to be a purely content-based platform, it was important that the site was optimised in order to effortlessly stream content to their global readership. Using our experience and a bit of competitor analysis for inspiration, we came up with a vibrant design to serve the viral nature of their content. We used our own CMS as a basis for developing the content management and submission features, catering for multiple user types, social functions, as well as community area.


OnTopOf also required some design work to help with their corporate identity. Our design team helped them create a simplistic brand business card that would reflect the colouring and vibrancy of their brand. The cards were to be handed out at events and conferences to help boost their brand recognition with their target audience.


Our design team was tasked with creating a logo for their ‘under construction’ website. With just a domain name and a concept in hand, we set out to create a logo that reflected their ideas. The logo we came up with had to be playful yet modern, so we came up with a simplistic and bold design that would look appealing on social media, too. Using a star symbol inside the centre of the ‘O’, we managed to capture the concept in a unique way.