An all-encompassing career focused platform.

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The goal for CareerAddict was to develop a leading online career resource. The platform had to cater to the growing demands of the modern editor and publisher, allow for guest submission and be expandable to allow for the introduction of additional modules and functionality.


  • Logo Design & Brand Creation
  • CMS & Web Development
  • Development of Publishing Tools
  • Content Creation & Strategy
  • Landing Pages & eCommerce
  • Email Design & Marketing



After some internal brainstorming, and a bit of creative flair, the CareerAddict brand was formed. By combing the words ‘career’ and ‘addict’, we identify with our target audience in a fun and engaging way – someone who is enthusiastic about finding and developing their ideal career. With the name in hand, our design team set out to create a unique and vibrant logo that would be easily recognisable and flexible enough to be used throughout the digital landscape.


We were tasked with building a custom CMS and highly advanced publisher platform. CareerAddict was strategically assembled to accommodate a wealth of information that would be served to readers hastily. Using only the best hardware and with following best coding practices, the website is readily accessible to the masses. The mobile first and responsive design we use ensures the website accommodates readers of all devices.


The CMS behind the website exterior possesses a powerful article submission module that allows for in-house and 3rd parties to submit articles. We also created an editor’s module that allows for easy review and scheduling of content. The platform has a full host of common publisher functions, catering for the management of; tags, comments, titles, featured content, images, authors, users, categories, remuneration, META tags and more.


Our content team built a comprehensive strategy based on searcher intent and data that would allow CareerAddict to deliver valuable information to a career-enthused audience. Extensive and ongoing keyword research has been conducted in order to create viable topics that would attract the right audience. Our team of writers have since provided 100s of top-performing organic articles to CareerAddict. The website has seen substantial annual organic traffic, doubling in size each year.


CareerAddict has required a host of different banner advertisements in order to promote new functionality, product launches and funnel users to designated web pages. All banners were monitored for performance, while split-testing has been used to improve click through rates. A selection of banner designs were also created to help the platform promote itself on social media channels using SMM.


Our design team came up with an aesthetically pleasing design that would not only clearly display the CV Writing service on offer but also the packages available. The landing page is structured according to all the best digital practices so that the visitor can easily find all the necessary information to make a buying decision. The page navigates directly to a convenient payment page which was integrated by our development team.


In order to reach out and engage with the platform’s subscribers, we were tasked with designing a simple newsletter to get readers to return to the website. We have also created a whole host of promotional mails for CareerAddict to entice their subscribers on product offerings and launches. All our emails were coded with all the major email clients in mind and designed to accessible on all devices.