3 October, 2017

By way of introduction, I should start by saying welcome to our newly-launched website. My name is James Weaver and I am the managing director at DQ Media.

After years of working on digital products for the DeltaQuest Group, we are excited to announce that our experience and web development know-how are now available to the public.

DQ Media’s roots were first planted back in 2010, when the decision was made for DeltaQuest to embark on a complete digital makeover. This initially involved the technical restructuring and redesign of the company’s four core websites, and the expansion to include six additional service websites. We also had to accommodate different languages, splitting multiple language websites into individually target languages. The entire crusade led us to create more than 20 new websites to better cater for the different services offered by DeltaQuest.

We have come a long way since, having developed our own powerful, custom-built web application that we use for all our projects. The hurdles we have had to overcome have geared us towards building a team and service offering that can cater for all aspects of digital business.

Here are the services we are pleased to announce that we are now offering:

Web Design & Development

We are looking to put our years of building digital projects to good use with our primary service: Fully Managed Web Solutions.

With our refined design and development cycle, not only are we able to build complex websites and interfaces, but also offer our own secure hosting environment and continued maintenance.

In more simple terms, we handle all of the technical work, while the client gets to focus on building a business. We can take a simple list of requirements and turn them into a complex, fast and responsive web application that is built around user experience.

Digital & Graphic Design

Our design team can handle everything from beautiful modern websites to engaging graphics and elegant corporate identity. All designs go through our five-step process to guarantee all parties are happy.

We are ready to provide a full suite of design options, including branding, web design, social media, banners, adverts and more. This means DQ Media can handle the design needs of your entire brand and business – from start to finish.

Take a look at Our Work section to see some of the recent projects we have worked on.

Content Strategy

Our content strategy service is built on the valuable experience our team has gained in content marketing over the last decade. Our focus is strictly on quality and depth, by creating content with a purpose. One of our projects, CareerAddict, has grown by an astronomical 700% in organic traffic over the last four years.

The uniqueness of this service is that it takes content writing to the next level. We conduct the planning, research and creation of a viable long-term content plan based around searcher intent that includes only viable keywords. Our lead digital marketer, Christopher Thoma, and team of talented in-house writers are on hand to execute the strategy for you.

Sales Funnels

Our sales funnel service is all about the optimisation of the sales journey on your website. Combining our years of experience in optimising ecommerce sales and user journeys with our strong analytic backgrounds, we take your existing sales process and statistical data and build new user journeys that are designed to increase your sales.

We examine your existing user narratives and statistical data to give us valuable insight into your sales process. This allows us to provide you with a detailed report and a selection of proposed user journeys to be implemented in order to increase sales. We can even go a step further and provide you with detailed technical documentation for the implementation or even build the new user journey from scratch using our proprietary software.

Shaping the Digital Experience

Our philosophy is to push the digital boundaries in every project we undertake, using the latest technology and industry best practices.

Our individualised approach to the projects we undertake means that each has its own custom feel that is cooked into the code, and optimised for every client’s particular needs.

The whole DQ Media team is excited and eager for our next, and truly unique, web project!


If you’re thinking of taking your business onto the digital scene or looking to expand and grow your online channels, contact us today to get started.