Funnel Optimisation

We can help to optimize your sales process. By analyzing your current setup, we can provide you with advice and solutions to help drive your online sales. Whether you are looking to direct your customers to a specific product or channel, or if you are looking to increase average basket size, we can help you to find a solution.

Sales Funnels

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Models we can help optimise

Single Product Models

Single Product Models

If you sell a single product, we can help you optimise the process and flow that customers follow to purchase that product – from simple sales path optimisation to advanced filtering – ensuring customers buy exactly what they need.

Retail eCommerce

Retail eCommerce

If you have a store full of products, we can help optimise it and help your customers find what they need with ease. We also assist with adopting better strategies like cross merchandising to encourage your customers to purchase more.

Subscription Models

Subscription Models

If you offer a product or service that works on a subscription model, we can help optimise it. We will intensely analyse the sales funnel so we can help you offer more value, as well as increase the conversion rate of your model.

Online Services

Digital Goods

If you don’t offer a physical product but offer a service instead, we can help. We can optimise the sales funnel to better present your services and boost your order size by helping you create further value for customers.

Sophisticated Optimisation

Repair and revitalise your sales

  • Sales funnel creation – visualisation of your customer path
  • Upselling options – discover your full product reach
  • Cross merchandising – link related products to increase basket size

    Data-Driven Results

    Statistics to write home about

  • Targeted leads – increase and strengthen conversion rates
  • Increased ROI - upselling and cross merchandising to existing customers
  • Better brand engagement – the optimisation of the customer narrative